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About Kerala Architecture & Cuisine

Kerala’s architecture is unique in India because of its constant touch and relations with the major maritime trading partners including Chinese, Arabs and Europeans. Besides, the architecture of Kerala is influenced by the Dravidian and the Vastu Shastra (the Vedic architectural sciences). The Vadakkumnathan Hindu Temple at Thrissur is a classic example of Kerala’s architecture. Besides, the Madhur Temple at Kasaragod and the Cheraman and the Kannur mosque represent the blend of Budhdhist and Arabic architecture in Kerala. Apart from it the beautiful churches of Kerala points towards the Syriac chrisitanity and its influence over the architecture.

When it comes to cuisine, Kerala offers loads of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Known as a land of spices some of the must use spices of Kerala are curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind and asafetida. The host of spices besides giving a good aroma; also have great health benefits. Some popular dishes of Kerala are Appam with stew, Idiyappam with egg curry, prawn curry and Kerala style fish molee.

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